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Wireless Apple Mouse Various Colors

Wireless Apple Mouse Various Colors


Beautifully crafted, easy fit on palm and comfortable to use optical apple wireless mouse with a wide range of beautiful bright colors. Only available at techbay electronics at affordable price.

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Product Description

Wireless Apple Mouse Various Colors

Product Description

Power: The mouse uses two AA or AAA batteries 1.5V

Connection: 2.4GHz wireless radio, you need to connect the receiver to your computer.

Color: All colors available

Rechargeable: No

Input: Right and Left mouse buttons, Scroll Wheel, Middle Click, Optical

Minimum Order: 1 Item

Other Relevant Information

Battery Types, Care and Usage Tips

The Apple wireless mouse uses two AA batteries. They are replaceable with alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable AA batteries. You should not mix different battery types eg. alkaline and lithium batteries). Also, you should avoid mixing old and new batteries, the new battery will outlive the old batteries. If the old battery overstays in the battery compartment it might undergo decomposition and leak electrolytes in your item which might spoil it. Don't open, compress or puncture the batteries. Avoid installing batteries backwards as this might short the circuit within. Do not expose batteries to extreme temperature or water. Don't charge non-rechargeable AA batteries. Keep batteries out of the reach of children. Replace or recharge all batteries at the same time.

Remember, batteries have a very negative impact on the environment when poorly disposed off. Dispose batteries according to the agreed environmental conservation laws and guidelines for your country.

Long term storage

Most devices are designed to hibernate to conserve energy when you are not using them. If you are planning to store this device for a long time without use usually more than two weeks it is recommended to turn it off and remove the battery to avoid the risk of battery decomposing in the battery compartment.


Elegant Cyan

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